Bishop Oyedepo Spotted Preaching To People Near Devil’s Shrine At Sango Otta

Bishop Oyedepo was sighted at two different points on Tuesday evening March 20, with people swarming all over him. According to findings, he was there for nothing than evangelism.
The bishop was first sighted sitting in a toyota land cruiser prado jeep, plate number — near under sango bridge, facing Lagos-Abeokuta express road, preaching to a gathering of people.

After his preaching which lasted for about 30 mins, he told the crowd to put down their names and phone numbers in a piece of paper shared by his envoys.

He further told them that the collection of their details is to establish a contact with him. He said: “the number they collected from you is for you to share your testimony, because I know you will all have a testimony to share after this prayer.

Tonight, you will receive a message from a number and with that number you can share your testimony with me and also book an appointment with me.”

Following that the Africa’s richest pastor moved his convoy to Sango-Ota road, near the Shrine of Esu-Odara. The shrine is just a stone throw from where he was and as usual, he repeated his modules of preaching and also followed up by taking the details of the crowd with a promise of reaching back to them.

Those that made up the crowd were market men and also women, Agberos (Street Urchins), workers returning home and all sorts of people.

Meanwhile, the Ojubo Esu (Satan’s Shrine) has been at Sango bus stop junction for years. The small house painted in white and black is where Esu worshipers converge most times, especially every August 20th, to worship the deity.

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