DOWNLOAD Music: Gp – Wonderful Love

Citizen a trained Diplomat with a degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin. He is from Delta state.

He released his debut album of 8 tracks many years ago.GP.strive to serve those starved of “Soul music”; music that prompt joy in you. Soul music has good lyrics and command arresting melodies matched with infectious rhythms. Thus,GP is synonymous with excellent music. His pathernal ground mother was a Singer. He used to admire her when she sang in some ceremonies. However,the idea of being an Artiste did not occur to him until when he began listening to some American musicians. A great deal of them have gripping effect in him to this day.



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  1. Awesomely Good and mind transforming. God shall publish it wider than you can ever think or imagine for His name sake in JESUS name Amen.

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