Frank Edwards Passes Message To All Upcoming Artists

Frank Edwards Took To His Page To share helpful tips to all upcoming artists who claims their song is the best. He said

To my dear upcoming ,  when next you want to release a new song don’t say things like “HERE COMES THE BEST WORSHIP SONG IN TOWN” or “THE BEST PRAISE SONG IN THE CITY” it does not only sound irritating , it shows the content of your heart  and clearly points @ “misplaced priority” + arrogance. . God inhabits the praise of “HIS PEOPLE” you can not decide for God what is best for him🙂 if you find any established artist saying same. Pls don’t copy them ! Every child of God including the ones that are not trained to sing is a worshiper 🙏🏾 God bless you as you keep growing 🙏🏾

3 thoughts on “Frank Edwards Passes Message To All Upcoming Artists

  1. Beautiful word Sir frank Edwards… Your words/advise are well noted with thanks.. God bless you sir.. More grace!



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