Jesus Had Bodyguards Who Were Armed – Apostle Suleman (Video)

Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has claimed that Jesus Christ was surrounded by bodyguards who were armed to protect him from danger.

He said this on Sunday to shed light on how some people mindlessly criticise pastors who move around with police escorts

Making reference to when Peter cut the ear of a man with a sword, Suleman said the disciples of Jesus played the role of bodyguards for him.

He said: “I have observed that people who are attacking men of God can’t stand to be attacked. You speak against them, they will insult you; they will block you.

“The men of God they are attacking are not even answering. They are ignoring them. I do not support when pastors begin to place curse on people because they are expressing their personal belief and opinions.

“Jesus Christ had 12 disciples and they were following him everywhere. Peter took a sword and cut-off somebody’s ear and Jesus told him to sheath his sword meaning that as they were following Jesus they were armed.

“Today, if a man of God has policemen around him, they will criticise him.”
Watch video below:

5 thoughts on “Jesus Had Bodyguards Who Were Armed – Apostle Suleman (Video)

  1. wrong sir… with all due respect Jesus’s followers never bear arms. even your mention about peter, pls read the event clearly again. thanks.

  2. Most of this pastors jst interpret the bible to suit themselves, wehdone sir God is watching you on a 100 D …… Bodyguard ko! Skeleton guard ni! Nobody is saying you should not use body guard but pls don’t connect it to the bible ….. do your thing nobody will complain but when you start involving jesus in ur vain desires I shows how shallow you are

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