MultiChoice Announces The Removal Of ONE GOSPEL Channel On Dstv & GOtv


MultiChoice Africa regrets to announce that from
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at 10:59pm, One Gospel on DStv channel 331 and GOtv channel 71 will no longer be available on the DStv and GOtv

MultiChoice regularly assesses the performance
and viability of channels on its platform, and in
order achieve a diverse variety of programming,
the decision was made to remove this channel.

In reviewing the offering, which is done on a
continuous basis, MultiChoice ensures that
subscribers continue to get a balanced variety of

MultiChoice apologises for any inconvenience
caused but assures subscribers that they can still
catch other religious programming such as Faith (DStv channel 341 and GOtv channel 80), Daystar (DStv channel 344), Kingdom Africa (DStv channel 345), (DStv channel 347 and GOtv channel 81) and many more

4 thoughts on “MultiChoice Announces The Removal Of ONE GOSPEL Channel On Dstv & GOtv

  1. First was DBN Chanel, now ONEgospel this is nothing but the sign of end time, whether you like it or YES! The gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed allover the world, you will soon find God to contend with….. End time indeed. it’s a confirmation of the scriptures, the word of God is true I’m even more convinced.

  2. we av 2 dstv explorer, with 2 dstv compact in my house, cus i and my family really love dstv multichoice but u guys are very wicked for removing onegospel,
    thanks to d owner of dstv for making me love dem and breaking my heart in return

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