News: Gospel Rapper Andy Mineo Defeats Taylor Swift in ESPN Tournament


American rapper Andy Mineo has defeated Taylor
Swift in the ESPN Major League Baseball Walkup
Music Tournament. ESPN put up Andy Mineo‘s “You
Can’t Stop Me” against Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” in
the tournament and by a landslide victory, Mineo
defeated Swift on Wednesday to advance to the next round.

Andy will be going head-to-head with Big Sean –
“You Can’t Stop Me” Vs. “Blessings.”

The winner will be revealed on ESPN‘s Sunday
Night Baseball at 8 p.m. ET.

You can vote by tweeting the name of the song
with the hashtag “#WalkupVote.” Fans decide
which song advances.


  1. Good,
    The Church must come to that point where it can compete against the secular and Shine. When we understand this then our value and respect will rise.

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