Kingdomboiz; Artiste To Watch For In 2020 (Listener’s Choice Award)

2019 has seen a remarkable change in the Nigerian Music Industry, especially in the Gospel Scene. With the rise of some existing artistes to global platforms, and the emergence of new artistes, music in Nigeria has been redefined and has become more competitive. We now have new artistes to watch out for in 2020 and some existing ones to keep looking out for. To celebrate this milestone, Kingdomboiz has decided to give away the following to the Next Rated (Artiste to look out for in 2020): 1. Standard Music Video worth N300,000 2. Free Music Promotion for a year (Including Art Designs and Lyrics Video) 3. Cash Price of N50,000 Note: Winner will be picked based on the votes of listeners, so vote for your favorite artiste below: Good luck.

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474 thoughts on “Kingdomboiz; Artiste To Watch For In 2020 (Listener’s Choice Award)

    1. Nina(female) is a renowned gospel artiste signed into Frank Edward’s Rocktown. Her song “without you” is awestrucking and inspiring and it’s being streamed and listened to around the world as it takes you into another dimension of God’s love.

  1. Oba Reengy ni see… Have the you listen to Do Something or Your Love or Almost there or Looking For Myself… Pls check it out…. REENGY all the way….

  2. Nessa is an anointed singer. She has all it takes to change the world via her message in music through the leading of the Holy Spirit .

  3. I stand with GAD is either he win or he win ,no excuse for failure ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  4. Sweetleke and Moses Bliss you guys are doing well but I think Nina deserve my vote because she’s gat what we want , yes. Nina all the☑️☑️

  5. 100% Nessa. she no borrow d grace & anointing, she has it in her… she’s got wat it takes (everything). Na u biko @Nessa

  6. Oba reengy all the way, he’s not just an artist but also a dedicated child of God. He’s dedicated to the things of God.
    And yeah his material would bless you.

  7. I vote Nina!!! She’s to watch out for in 2020… God speaks through her! Her voice is amazing and she’s a lovely human

  8. I vote for Gad, his rap and lyrical articulation is beyond doubt extremely exceptional, sending chills across ya spine and makes the hair all over ya body stand up. Gad all the way

  9. Have you heard of Too Faithful by Moss Bliss??? That’s the song of the year, spirit filled, it takes you to another dimension in the spirit… My vote for Moses Bliss

  10. I vote NESSA to the moon and back!!!! She’s exceptionally unique and her songs are soul lifting. She’s a gifted Minister and listening to her songs takes you to another realm

  11. Hey Uniek Grace. it’s Uncle B here. I finally got around to it and voted for you!!
    I wish you all the best but it looks like you already have a massive fan base!

  12. I voted for uniekgrace. She is a wonderful sister, best friend and a lovely mother. She deserves it because she has been a gift and a blessing from God to me and everyone I know around her. I love you so much. God bless

    And one thing she does with you is: to push you up to where you are suppose to be and supports you. What I mean to say is, “she is a life dream pusher” that’s if my English is correct.‍♀️ So much love

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