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“Miracle Can still Happen” by Mr Jimmy (A.k.a Apostle Jimmy Awesome) is an extract from the book of Ezekiel 37. We are living in the days of the valley of the dry Bones and what we need now is A Miracle, our Economy and our situations is like the the valley of the dry Bones. And like the people of isreal in the old we are saying ” OUR HOPE IS LOST” . But God is bringing us A message of Hope.

Miracle Can Still Happen. No matter what the situations is let’s trust He’s WORD and it Shall be well….Mr Jimmy!

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it’s still happening
RESPONSE: happening miracle can still happen/*2
Ole-shele (youruba dialect)
RESPONSE: shele iyanu oti shele (youruba dialect)
Owocho yorgila(idoma dialect)
RESPONSE: Gila! Miracles can still happen.


God took Ezekiel through the valley of dry Bones and God said ” son of man can this Bones live again”? But Ezekiel said ‘ Ah O Lord you know oo” and God said son of man you’ve got to prophesy, tell this dry Bones now to listen to my WORDS for I will cause new flesh and cause sinew to come upon them now, I’m gonna cover them with new skins and they shall live again and they shall know that I am the Lord (echo)(repeat chorus)

VERSE 2: As Ezekiel begin to PROPHESY there was noise across the valley and the dry Bones begin to come together (echo) and dry Bones became human bodies and a great Army, then Ezekiel PROPHESY to the four winds of the Earth, from the north and south to the east and west breath upon the slain (repeat)(repeat chorus)
The blinds can see
The lame can Walk
And the Dead can still be raised…,it doesn’t matter what the situations may look like now the God of ISREALIA is still on the throne, let’s receive he’s Word today let’s receive he’s WORDS again and it Shall be well so well with our souls, it Shall be well so well with my soul.IT SHALL BE WELL!
IT Shall be well so well with my soul ( till fade)( it doesn’t matter how dark the night)


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100 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: Mr Jimmy – Miracle Can Still Happen

  1. Hello my name is Monica reed i am listening to miracle can still happen by Mr jimmy from Florida i love the song so much i can feel the spirit of God in it wow what a awesome song to hear good job God bless you Mr jimmy.

  2. Hello am Leo hood from newberg Oregon iam listen to miracle can still happen God bless you for the song looking forward for more Mr jimmy .

  3. Hello am Jane samanego from Philippines am listening to miracle can still happen wow i love this song

  4. Hello am lulu luyando listen to miracle can still happen from Zambia its awesome God bless you Mr jimmy

  5. Hello Am david Rad from USA i really love this song by Mr jimmy this is Ezekiel 37 when the power of God came upon Ezekiel,wow this emphasize i love this looking forward for more Mr jimmy

  6. Hi am Jordan tough time never last you know having or causing problem s or difficulties: a tough childhood it was a tough decision to make been having a tough time of it i love the song tough never last and i also love the song miracle can still happen keep the good work of God, God bless you Mr jimmy appreciate this thanks .

  7. An act or event that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be used by God WONDER 2 A LUCKY THING THAT HAPPENS THAT YOU DID NOT EXPECT OR THINK WAS POSSIBLE WONDER: AN ECONOMIC MIRCALE its a miracle that nobody was killed in the crash .

  8. Hello am hnede techie from Essex maryland i love listening to Mr jimmy song miracle can still happen and also tough time never last God bless you looking forward for more God bless you.

  9. Kingdomboize has been the most beautiful site to download powerful gospel songs like this God bless you powerful song God bless you all

  10. Wow Awesome this song needs to go viral because this the time that we need miracle more God can still do it brethren the God of lsreal can still do yes, yes i believe in miracle wow this awesome let praise and worship the lord amen.

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