“Its Dangerous For Gospel Artist To Feature Secular Artist, It’s An Insult to Christianity” – Kenny Kore 

​a lot has been happening after American urban contemporary gospel musician Natasha Tameika “Tasha” Cobbs Leonard featured Nicki minaj On Her New Single Titled “I’m Getting Ready

The collaboration has sparked an online debate with several persons of the opinion that a gospel minister should not be seen collaborating with a secular act. Others believe everyone is the same in the eyes of God and being a secular act does not stop Nicki Minaj from singing a gospel song.

But it seems former infinity “Olori Oko” Member “Kenny Kore”  Is not happy about it and he took to his IG account to condemn the act. He said.

Tasha Cobbs collaboration with the soft pornography rap artist Nicki Minaj Is an #INSULT to Christianity.

Jesus hung out with sinners, and they #CHANGED, 

let’s hope that Nicki Minaj would start covering up and continue to sing gospel songs after this collaboration, and not that Tasha Cobbs is about to become the next Mali Music.

I’m inviting my brother Olumati Isaiah to a healthy debate on the subject on my  facebook page.

Let our character as Christians show forth as we disagree and or agree… THE TEST OF MATURITY IS NOT HOW WELL WE AGREE, BUT HOW WELL WE DISAGREE.


He Continued By Saying…

What Do You Think FAM?

DOWNLOAD The song b4 you comment

13 thoughts on ““Its Dangerous For Gospel Artist To Feature Secular Artist, It’s An Insult to Christianity” – Kenny Kore 

  1. Light and darkness have nothing in common, some people say Jesus Christ mingle with unbelievers, the relationship of Jesus and unbelievers were on the ground of DOCTOR AND PATIENT and not on the ground of COLLEAGUES please it’s completely not right I kick against it in totality….

    1. It was on the ground of collaboration. He picked the twelve out from there employment. He collaborated with Peter on the ⛵. We are saved by grace. So there is so law. How do we know because Jesus was the END of the law unto righteousness. Who are we to judge another’s servant. Be very careful for you have no idea if God called Tasha Cobbs to collabrate with Nikki. For if it’s of God who are we to condemn it.

  2. Oh Sir @Kenny Kore – thank you for not making me and some other folks look like an ‘alone voice’ in this matter . I stand with you on this. Socialising, doing business and ministering to is SO DIFFERENT from MINISTERING WITH. I don’t care who does it who has has been doing it, it is wrong. Even if a complete secular artist who has been promoting immorality in his/her brand just got saved and got filled with the Holy Spirit same day, please he/she should let us know he/she has been changed and shifted grounds before talking like he/she has been an evangelist all his/her life. That’s why after such collabos, they go back to their dirty lives and continue to promote the sinful habits because they weren’t saved and/or discipled in the first place. I mean, this wasn’t even mere singing praises that the bible says anyone with breath can do, this was someone who we know her ‘sinful brand’ ‘trying’ to sound like an evangelist. No, that was a lie! Someone said so if a Pastor was drinking a bottle of juice on the pulpit and he did it with a beer bottle should we say it is right because ‘God sees only content’? No! It’s wrong, the juice is ok, but the brand you displayed promoted nothing edifying. Dear Christians, we love sinners, and we minister TO them but we hate sin and we DON’T or SHOULDN’T minister with unbelievers. The gosple is self sufficient, don’t try to help it with carnal schemes. Except you’re one of those preaching for your belle. I don’t condemn Tasha, but I condemn (judge) this thing that she has done. – 1 Cor 2:15. Selah

  3. Its reflected that she is just a gospel artist not really a Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is why she has chosen to do that. Light doesn’t stand with darkness it eliminates darkness and changes the environment. Whatever is bad is bad. Koloruko miran

  4. mehn nobody has made u judge over em… u differentiating darkness from light might be in hell and d Nickiminaj u calling darkness might eventually give her life to christ and make heaven…. leave it as it is…you dont know if her ft with nicki miniaj can change nicki minaj’s life for the better… u talking about darkness i can bet u ur life aint better than nicki minajs…. so shhhhhhhh!

    1. Correct. I’m so shock to see so many think they got it together and are not sinners in the flesh when God has told us in this body it’s no good one. We are guilty period blood on apad. That’s our best works of the flesh is a woman monthly waste. Oh how fast do we forget and begin to say seperate from among them. God was actually talking about the same ones that judging his servant and children. For how many had a beautiful voice and soon as they joined the church you wanted them in your choir. How many openly gay choir director. Ohh how much does God love thoses he call and how he will bring them to know Him. Take heed how you judge God’s servants for with the same measures will you be judge even with your secret sin that you wrestling with right now saints.

  5. These comments allow me to know how far we are from understanding grace. God did not call us to put our own judgement on his servants. You come straight from off the streets become a Christian and go right in the choir on the usher board and all kinds of ministries in the church. But I’m guessing that you were all holy and sanctified within that month or two. Yep right. I will make the wisdom of the look foolish. For eyes haven’t seen not ears heard nor has it entered in your heart the things God has planned. So I’m taking thing as one because since their collaborating together hadn’t been seen heard or thought of in the minds of most this has got to be a move of God. Remembering the thorn and limp that’s in your flesh and walk will continue to watch God. You are not perfect nor will y’all acts be accepted as good enough. Understand it’s only by Grace Jesus Christ that we are in the position to even be a child of God. Daily relationship with God will allow all to know what labor to rest in the finish works of the Lord really means. Because what y’all are saying is not it.

    1. Wonderful. I really am confused here cos i want to know when Nicki gave or rededicated her life back to Christ before becoming an Evangelist overnight. says:


  6. 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
    Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I didn’t take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in Christ—but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view. I’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message. I didn’t just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!

  7. Yes its true darkness n light are not equal but think abt it wat if tasha cobs is the light dat will brightin the darkness in nicki. Lets not alow our self riteousnes make us start casting stones. Besides is there any1 here without sin? The whole life of Jesus demostrates love not condemnation,He accepted zachues for who is he, accepted the prostitude for who she is, brethren if we do not accept sinners for who they are tell me how do we draw them to repentance?
    Romans 8.1

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