News: Upcoming Artistes Vs. Churches


Most of upcoming artiste complained seriously that churches dont support . Not that the money is not there but it looks like they feel so reluctant or see it as a waste larvishing money on them. 

Even Recently a upcoming  Artiste complained bitterly that he wants to launch his album and he pleaded with the church to support his album launching but they refused.. Uhmmmmmm

What do you think.? . You think the upcoming artiste are not realy working hard to impress the church or see reason to support them or they dey dont just feel like to support..

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19 thoughts on “News: Upcoming Artistes Vs. Churches

  1. Most churches don’t. As a matter of fact that is the most reason why some of these young guys are converting to the world. But what really annoyed me most is, some churches will be inviting them from the world to church to sing so call
    Gospel-worldly songs rather than helping them while they were in church…

  2. That’s gud for ur church@Chris. Many artistes from d church hav seen their gospel ambitions truncated by the reluctance of their local churches to support them.

  3. Apparently yes. Many people churches have lost lots talents, which are now singing worldly songs. Churches don’t know how to preserve what God has actually given them. They often lost it. And Devil picks it up…

    Devil is busy hunting church talents. Check out all the bad singers out there. You would hear something like “I started from the church…” it’s a great lost on the part of the church… They need to wake up.

  4. A few churches are trying… no doubt, I think what upcoming gospel artistes should strive at… Is carrying an overdose of the presence of God regardless of whether the church supports financially or not.
    Work at having God’s seal and approval on you as a worshipper…The church and their ‘chicken change’ cant resist you.

  5. Churches of now adays dnt support at all dat is why if u see any artiste dat has blown he husled real hard d church of now adays re nothing to write abt talking abt supporting Upcoming artiste

  6. It only few churches(10%) who support young or upcoming artiste and dose who don’t support are dose who we want to take d glory when d artiste later become a superstar by his own hard work mehn some churches need wake up

  7. Depends.. i attend Christ Embassy and my church supports Artistes in a huge way! Providing platforms, etc. Even finance at a certain level thru our MOG Pst Chris (He just gave an Artiste #100m last month, yes #100m) financial support may not be there outrightly at first, but the moral support goes a long way for me as an Artiste! Peace!

    All in all, an Artiste shld keep his focus on God; the Author and Finisher

  8. For me churches are not doing enough to help dis stars DAT Wil soon shine not up coming pls.not am not fr Christ embassy BT I tink if wht DAT church is doing today 20% of our churches ar doing it den gospel would have gone vry far by now, like Eben he started fr winners chapel BT ended up were he is been appreciated today not jst him BT a lot of other guys, pls d so called gospel artist pls let’s learn hw to do gud songs too nd gud video nd also we should stop dis competition wit d circular artist BC we Wil never get to d same level DAT they have it Wil only Gods intervention for DAT to happn, bk to my words pls kingdom boys let’s also try our best to also promote dis stars DAT Wil soon shine abeg nd pls let’s snd dis msg to d churches out there

  9. I agree with almost all the comments. Just a few churches support upcoming artists. But don’t let that discourage you. If you are passionate about your dreams then pursue it to the end despite many challenges. That being said, please support, download and share my song “Give love this Christmas”. Check the homepage of this blog for the song. Thanks and God bless

  10. true…. my church don’t support me anytime I organized a concert know one support, and even when it comes to album lunch they don’t support

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