106,000 Capacity New Winners Chapel Auditorium project Begins This March

106,000 Capacity New Winners

Chapel Auditorium project Begins This March.

The legacy project which is the construction of the new auditorium of Living Faith Church Worldwide will begin this month of march in CanaanCity, as 1000 hectares of land has been reserved for its purpose.

The Ark is a 106,000 capacity auditorium which is to serve as main auditorium for Winners Chapel worldwide, while the present auditorium the Faith Terbanacle which is a 50,000 capacity auditorium, will serve as an overflow on completion of the Ark.

Bishop David Oyedepo the presiding bishop of Living Faith Church worldwide informed members in yesterday’s Sunday service in Canaanland that the Legacy project will commence this month.

In addition to the construction of the ark, a 20 storey tower will be built which is to serve as the administrative block of Winners Chapel Worldwide.

The project is estimated to cost about 50billion naira, this estimate was about 2018 the price might have doubled.

According to a 2015 statistics over 400,000 worshippers attend sunday service at Canaanland this has prompted an exponential expansion in the size of auditorium.

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