“19 Simple Ways To Show Change Begins With You As A Nigerian”

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1. Join the QUEUE and don’t jump the queue. Resist, don’t aide anyone on attempt to jump the queue. Be Orderly.

2. NAIRA note: Treat our NAIRA notes in your possession with respect. Get a wallet or find a way of neatly arranging the naira notes. Squeezing and mutilating naira notes is not cool.

3. Dispose DIRTS appropriately: with all the certificates, neatly ironed shirt, well knotted tie and the “do you know who I am” syndrome, it is terrible if you still wind down your window and throw off empty can of drink or the peels of fruits off your car. This should stop!

4. Don’t TAKE BRIBE: You know taking bribe is wrong, make conscious effort and decide never to take it.

5. Don’t GIVE BRIBE: you are as guilty if you give bribe as the one who takes bribe. Most times, after giving bribe, you start cursing the receiver, think of the sharing formula for the curses you are issuing.

6. Don’t turn a BLACK EYE: You See things going wrong and you refuse to say or do something about it, one day that evil you are pretending not to see will come knocking at your door. Say something now, do a tweet, make a facebook post, just do your bit.

7. Stop the CHEATING: Manipulated measurements will land you no where, the cheating you do today will catch up with you one way or the other. You use data browsing cheats and still find the confidence to curse network providers for a slow network. It is evil. And as a service provider, give commensurating value for every products and services paid for

8. As an EMPLOYER , pay your employees at the right time. Show empathy and be a good employer
9. If you are an EMPLOYEE, the least you can do is to work for what you have been paid to do and put in your very best. Be considerate and be a good employee.

10. Use the PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE where provided. Use the walk way too. Don’t toy with your life and still come around to blame the government. Be responsible!

11. Treat everybody with LOVE: Everyone deserve your love. Love is big enough to make Nigeria a better place and love is small enough to be carried all around.

12. RESPECT people’s religion, culture, language, tribe and opinions. There is no point in battle for cultural or ethnic supremacy. Every culture, tribe and language is very beautiful. Be proud of Nigeria’s rich diversity.

13. Respect TRAFFIC RULES, don’t drive against traffic. Don’t take a bike on a route where government as deemed fit to ban motorcycle. Either as the carried or the carrier, you are guilty.

14. Be PUNCTUAL: African time will take us no where. Remember time is life, a waste of time is a waste of life. Even if you don’t value yours, value other people’s time and treat it with respect.

15. Pay your TAX and all DUES as at when due. This is your licence to be able to hold public office holders accountable.

16. CONSERVE all public RESOURCES around you. Water, trees, electricity are all public resources. Prevent wastage as much as you can. Some still use the very huge energy consuming yellow bulbs at the expense of energy saving bulbs. That’s about 90% waste of useful energy

17. Treat GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES like you own them: protect electricity pole, transformer, cables, roads and other public properties like your own. They are actually yours!

18. When somebody has an accident, he needs help not selfie. Be nice in every little way you can. Be kind!

19. Watch your mouth, don’t let it run like a tap. Don’t talk to people any how. And stop saying negative things about Nigeria. We are not there yet, but we will get there someday. This country will work! Nigeria will be a great place.

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