1O Tips To Reduce Risk Of Cancer By Dr. Pete Sulack


In honor of National Cancer Prevention Month
in February, stress and cancer expert Dr. Pete
Sulack released a list of things one can do to
reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Sulack, founder of one of the fastest growing
chiropractic clinics in the nation, has studied
extensively the connection between stress and

“You can’t possibly avoid every single cancer
causing substance, and you can’t avoid stress
— it is a fact of life. What you can do, however,
is counterbalance stress with daily choices that
at least give you a fighting chance,” said Sulack

in a statement to The Christian Post. “You can adopt practices that make your body more
resilient in the face of cancer. It doesn’t really
matter whether you are genetically
predisposed to contracting a certain kind of
cancer. What matters is the genetic expression
that comes from your daily choices, behaviors, and habits. It has been said that genetics loads
the gun, but daily choices pull the trigger.”

The author of Unhealthy Anonymous decided
to provide a list of practical steps people can
begin taking now to avoid abnormal cell
growth which causes the deadly disease.

See the doctor’s top ten list of major things to
do to reduce your risk of cancer below:

We first need to recognize that stress is the true
culprit in cancer and chronic disease.

The next step is to surround yourself with
positive people, and people who will hold you
accountable for your self-care.

Be careful what you put into your body. Eat
well, avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and
tobacco. Drink water, and replace grains and
sugars with healthy fats and vegetables.

Increase your spinal mobility and exercise

Rest – your body needs sleep to reset brain
function, restore strength, boost immune
function, and repair cellular damage.

Detox – drink lots of filtered water, eat lots of
vegetables and fermented foods. Take baths,
fast, and work up a good sweat each day.

Keep your body alkalized – cancer thrives on

Help others! Those who have sought
happiness through helping others have
showed lower readings of inflammatory factors
in their blood.

Control your thoughts.

Be grateful.

The above mentioned list are things also
explored in the book, Unhealthy Anonymous:
Exposing the Greatest Threat to Your Health
and Happiness. According to the book, stress is
the biggest cause of cancer. Sulack outlines in
the book simple steps to increase health and practical solutions to reverse the effects of

Although Sulack has a great passion to see
people get healthy in body and mind, he also
has a heart to see people come to know Jesus
Christ as their savior. The successful Bethel
University graduate started a ministry called Matthew 10 International Ministries after traveling to the Hindu city of Rajahmundry,
India, where he witnessed many people put
their faith in Jesus’ message of salvation.

According to the ministry’s website, Matthew
10 has begun housing, feeding and educating
hundreds of India’s orphaned children on a
150 acre site. They hope to soon house 1000
children in the near future

For more health tips and information about Dr.
Sulack, visit

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