“3 Things You Should Know About Your Christian Race


A lot of people are just bearing the name Christian without even knowing what it entails. Have you ever asked yourself why Christianity is always under fire? Have you ever cared to know why the world goes agog the moment they hear rumours of a man of God falling? Have you ever asked yourself why it is quite difficult for people to speak badly about some religions or their leaders?

It’s all because we are supposed to shine as a light to our generation and when the world discovers that we have fallen, they become disappointed in us, they crucify us for it.

Here are three things you should understand about your Christian Race.

1. It is a call to represent (2 Corinthians 5:20)
Every Christian is a kingdom ambassador representing God. When you became a Christian, you stopped living your own life and started living for God. Before you take any decision as a Christian, it is important you think twice because the world is watching. In case you don’t know, people purposely annoy you, place some things in your path, try your patience only to test the Christ nature in you. They believe as Christians, the light of God should be seen in you.

2. It is a call for self denial
There is nothing as stubborn as the flesh. As Christians, one of the fruit of the spirit is self control. To be a Christian is to be able to say NO to the dictates of the flesh. You must carry your cross (temptations and persecutions) and follow after the master.


3. It is a personal race
Everybody is accountable for his or her actions. As Christians, your call is not attached to a man of God or particular denomination, it is a personal race which can only be run with Grace. People can only try to either help you or harm you. Until the day you have an encounter with Christ, you are not yet a Christian. When people encounter Jesus, everything about their lives changes.

Jesus Loves you.

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