71st Independence Anniversary: Nigeria Is Now Our Second Country: Says Indonesians


The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Amb. Harry
Purwanto, on Monday announced that no fewer
than 200 Indonesians in the country who now see
Nigeria as their second country recently joined their
compatriots globally in celebrating their country’s
71st Independence anniversary.

Purwanto told newsmen in Lagos that about 50
Indonesians participated in the celebration in
Abuja, while about 150 converged in Lagos for the
anniversary. The envoy said that the uniqueness of
the celebration in Nigeria was that it had further
strengthened ties between Indonesians and their Nigerian friends and business partners.

“Because of our friendship and the importance of
Nigeria and Nigerians to us, about 200 Indonesians
living in Lagos and Abuja decided to celebrate our
country’s 71st Independence anniversary in here.
“Many of us did not want to travel to Indonesia for
the celebration because we now see Nigeria as our second country.

“The celebration of the anniversary in Lagos and
Abuja has further fostered Nigeria and Indonesia
people-to-people relationships as well as promoted
our two countries bilateral relations,’’ he said. The
ambassador said that there was a growing interest
of more Indonesian investors and products manufacturers in coming to live and do business in

He said that Indonesians currently living in Nigeria
had expressed satisfaction with the peaceful co-
existence they had continued to enjoy in Nigeria so
far. Purwanto also said that cultural exchanges
between Nigeria and Indonesia were gradually
increasing through marriages, tourism, products exchanges and in other areas.

He also said that more Nigerians were becoming
interested in travelling to and doing business with
Indonesian businessmen and manufacturers. “Let
me say that Indonesians and Nigerians have a lot in
common, and for those of us living here, we have
continued to enjoy Nigerians’ hospitality.

“Indonesians really like Nigeria and many more
will in the near future want to come and invest and
do business in Nigeria,’’ he said. Purwanto urged
Nigerians to always see Indonesians in their
communities as their friends, brothers and sisters,
as well as business partners.

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