A Call To Christian Faithful And A Warning To The Bigots In Our Midst


It is welcome news that Mr. Anjem Choudary,
Britain’s “most hated man” and the radical British
Islamist who pledged an oath of allegiance to the
leader of ISIS, Amir Abubakar Al Baghdadi, has
been jailed in the United Kingdom

This was a man who encouraged islamic
fundamentalism and terror and who has spent
many years on the international television
networks trying to justify the actions of Al Qaeda, Al
Nusra, Boko Haram, the Taliban, Al Shabab, Hamas,
Islamic Jihad, Daesh, Abu Sayyaf and all the other evil muslim terror groups in the world that believe
in the establishment of a new world caliphate
where sharia law is imposed on everyone.

If the truth be told there are many Ansem
Choudarys in Nigeria: as a matter of fact many of
those that think like him now run the affairs of our
country and that is our major challenge.

The fact that Nigerian Christians have been so
accomodating, tolerant and restrained in the face of
what has been going on in the last one year is a
glaring testimony to their maturity and decency.

It is not a sign of weakness but rather evidence of
true strength.

I say this because it takes courage not to retaliate
when you are consistently marginalised, insulted,
cheated, pillaged, raped, murdered, singled out for
destruction and treated like filth.

Yet it is not just about being restrained even in the
face of the worst type of provocation.

The children of the Lord, the believers and the
faithful still have so much more to do in order to
protect ourselves from the relentless onslaught of
the Islamists in our country like Boko Haram and
the Fulani herdsmen and from the excesses of a
Federal Government that is hell bent on turning Christians into an endangered species and second
class citizens.

Anyone that doubts that this is the case would do
well to read the seminal and well-researched
contribution made by the elder-statesman Chief
Solomon Asemota SAN a few days ago which was
titled “Discriminatory Appointments Against Non-
Muslims In Nigeria”.

Though much of the Nigerian print media, out of
fear of the authorities, have refused to publish it,
the essay is all over the internet and it can be
accessed there.

Today, more than at any other time in our history,
Christians must be united in our country.

Anything less than that would lead to our collective
defeat and destruction and it would feed into the
narrative of those who wish to islamise our nation.

It is for this reason that I am a little concerned by
what appears to be happening in the Christian
Assiciation of Nigeria (CAN)

It is very important that the Christian community in
Nigeria keeps a united front and supports the new
leadership of CAN.

No matter what our differences may be, the attempt
to discredit and destroy CAN by threats of breaking
off from it by any group is counter-productive and
dangerous to our collective cause.

When the Muslim fundamentalists and Fulani
herdsmen kill our brothers and sisters, when the
Federal and core northern state governments
discriminate against us and persecute members of
our faith, when the Sultan of Sokoto says that
Christians indulge in more wicked acts than any other group in the world and when you have a
religiously partial man as your President who says
that sharia law should be spread into every state of
the federation, you do not split your ranks and give
room to your collective enemies.

This brings me to another point. Other than yours
truly no-one has made the point that the Chibok
girls are virtually all Christians.

First of all Boko Haram abducted, raped, killed,
enslaved and Islamised them and now our Muslim-
controlled and Muslim-led military are carpet-
bombing them from the sky and murdering them.

I watched the video on CNN today and I wept-
especially after I watched the interview of the
mother of the young girl that spoke from captivity.
Those are CHRISTIAN girls and just look at what
they are being subjected to.

Regardless of their faith, whether they be Christian
or Muslim, no child should be subjected to such
atrocities but the truth is that the fact that virtually
all the communities and towns that Boko Haram
managed to torment, capture or hoist their evil
black flag over the years were predominantly Christian communities like Mubi, Biu, Chibok, Dikwa,
Bama, Gwoza, Banki and Potiskum.

This is a point that is relevant but that is purposely
underplayed and ignored by the Nigerian and
international media for obvious reasons.

President Jonathan may not have been able to
rescue the Chibok girls but at least his army and
airforce did not carpet-bomb them. At least he did
not order that they should be aeriel-bombed to
death and slaughtered if they cant be rescued.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that if those
girls had come from a Muslim community and not a
Christian one like Chibok, the government, and
more likely than not Boko Haram itself, would have
been more restrained and they would not have
bombed and killed them in the way that they are doing.

Yet the Bible says “vengeance belongs to the Lord”.
It says that He “will repay”. I have little doubt that in
the fullness of time He will repay the powers that be
for what they are doing to the Body of Christ and to
our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Meanwhile I sincerely hope that the northern
Christians will not break ranks with the rest of us
and that we maintain our unity.

I sincerely hope that the Judas’ in our ranks and all
those that are being used as agents of division and
destruction by the government in return for a fee
think twice and retrace their steps.

That is the only way that we can win in what has
become, to all intents and purposes, a religious cold
war in Nigeria. It is a spiritual war. It is a war of
attrition and it is a fight for the very soul and future
of our nation.

It is a war that will be long and subtle and in which
there will be many casualties: yet it is a war that
must be fought and must be won. Everything
depends on it.

Permit me to end this contribution with the
following. When a few misguided individuals from
the south, who are obviously suffering from what is
commonly reffered to as “Stockholm’s disease”,
clap for men like the so-called elder-statesman
Alhaji Lawal Kaita when he says “the north will not allow the restructuring or break- up of Nigeria” and
that “those that are calling for either of the two are
calling for a second civil war” it amuses me.

In their slavish attempt to fawn over their captors
and to please the “master race” they forget that Mr.
Ken Saro-Wiwa and Mr. Isaac Adaka Boro, two
great and patriotic sons of the Niger Delta who
swam against the tide of the people of the old
Eastern region at the time of the civil war, who fought against the quest for self-determination by
the Igbo people and who, together with the rest of
Nigeria, resisted the quest for the establishment of
the sovereign state of Biafra, were both executed
by northern Heads of State who presided over the
affairs of a united Nigeria at the time.

The first was General Yakubu Gowon and the
second was General Sani Abacha. The same set of
northerner leaders conspired with others and jailed
Chief Obafemi Awolowo and President Olusegun
Obasanjo on false and trumped-up charges simply
because they resisted their hidden agenda and exposed their excesses.

This ought to be food for thought for every
southerner and Middle Belter worth his salt,
especially those who make a habit of sitting at the
feet of our collective oppressors and worshipping

We must learn from history and we must not repeat
its mistakes. If, God forbid, there is another civil war
in this country people like Kaita and those that he
represents will be confronted with a very different
adversary when compared to the one that they
faced before and they will rue the day that they ever threatened or sought to impose their will on
the rest of us.

If, God-forbid, it were to ever happen again, this
time around, the south, the northern minorities and
the Middle Belt would be united in their resolve and
the core Muslim north would be driven into the
desert and into the waiting arms of the Republic of
Niger and Chad.

Someone should make this point to the Lawal
Kaitas of this world and all the other arch-
conservatives and hegemonists who are still living
in an inglorious past. The word today is that either
we restructure Nigeria or we break her. Simple as

This is a battle between a child of perdition and a
child of promise. It is a struggle between the sons
of Kings and the sons of slaves. It is a struggle
between the forces of light and the forces of
darkness. We cannot run from it and we cannot
shun it.

We must stand up and fight it with all that we have
got. We must secure our liberation and we must
ensure that our children and our childrens children
have something to look forward to and something
to live for.

To the faithful I have only the following left to say:
the battle belongs to the Lord and our victory is

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