A Must Read!!! 7 Blunders Every Artiste Must Not Make In 2017!

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1. Being too desperate to sign a contract (I-Must-Blow-Syndrome). 😟

It funny how the same artistes who eagerly jumped at a recording/Management deal without properly understanding the terms turn around to complain that they have been enslaved by their management or record label. Pls take your time to go through the terms of the contract with your lawyer and think it through before signing.. Ranting on social media will not epp you in 2017.

2. Begging people upandan to sponsor your career without having anything to bring to the table. 😏

You dont have a certified hit..Your fan base is next to zero and your rap/vocal skill level is below average..Haba, Music is not a ponzi scheme, na.. Pls repent in 2017

3. Refusing to learn how the music business works (Especially Christian Artistes) 🙅

Just living in a bubble and assuming you will blow when it is your time without learning about the music business will not epp you in 2017. Berra humble yourself and learn as much as you can about the music business. Even the bible tells us to go learn from the ant and study her ways.

4. Signing a cut and paste record contract your label/management found on the internet. 😒

So in order to avoid paying lawyer fees, you decide to sign a contract you downloaded online without asking yourself if it fits your particular arrangement. You just copied and pasted and signed! Clap for yourself! Issorai.. Kontinu.. When it all goes south for you in 2017, you go know say na only u waka come.

5. Not bothering to research the background of a label or investor.

So you have been offered a mouth-watering deal with a house in lekki and Range Rover Sport and you are ready to sign your life over without even finding out what you can about your so-called “helper of destiny” and whether they are capable of delivering on what they are promising.. Hmmm, may ur career not be on life-support in 2017.

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