A Must Read: 7 Simple Things You Can Do To Show #ChangeHasBegunWithYou

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1. #STOP_reckless_dumping of your waste or refuse (used paper, nylon or garbage) onto our roads or
into our gutters. Stop indiscriminate pasting of
advert papers on walls and fences;

2. #Drive_safely Be calm. Follow simple traffic rules; Obey traffic regulators; Make effort to create free
passage for Ambulances;

3. #Reduce_wastage of our joint natural resources such as Water, Gas or Electricity in your homes
(Turn off any bulbs, water taps or other gadgets if
not in use). Stop mutilating currency notes. It costs
our country money to re-print them.

4. #Avoid_Corruption in every form and manner: Stealing, Favouritism, Using your office for personal
gain, Taking advantage of the weak amongst us,

5. #Make_our_environment_greener (just as nature made our rain forest zone) Clean up always &
instead of cutting down, try to: #Plant a New Tree, or #Create a Flower Bed* on “#ENVIRONMENTAL_D AY”. This will make our towns and cities more beautiful and relaxing.

6. #Obtain_proper_approvals before you start any form of a government-controlled activity, so that
you do not endanger the life of others or damage
underground facilities. *Avoid the dangers of using

7. #Be_Calm_And_Ccivil in your manners. Use those magical words that opens doors: “Please” & “Thank
you”. Avoid reckless abuse of others and do not
cause others to abuse you. Please join the queue if
you must.

##ChangeBeginsWithMe #eraofchange

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