A Must Read: A Word From God On Intercession By Sabina NP


Good morning Music Ministers,………
we thank God for life and His Grace to live it. Please oblige me, take some minutes and try to understand this message, for it has taken me 3 days to accept that I needed to let you know about it.

I saw quite a lot of us in a revelation 3 days ago, trying to have a meaningful fellowship/bonding/prayer session, but there were lots of “strong distractions”; these distractions kept coming in different ways and we kept GOING IN & OUT OF PRAYER/WORSHIP to attend to them.

Among the distractions were: silly jokes, wind from d outside & loads of cockroaches! These distractions were not stronger than us as a body during that meeting, BUT WE ALLOWED THEM TO CUT D FLOW OF D FELLOWSHIP every time they showed up!
The most disturbing part of that fellowship was when it was the time to do INTERCESSORY PRAYER, WE JUST COULDN’T FOCUS EVEN WHEN WE ALL WERE AWARE THERE WAS A HUGE NEED TO! I lack the words to communicate the RISK we all KNOWINGLY faced at that meeting by not being able to do the PRAYER OF INTERCESSION FOR ONE ANOTHER!
How often do we sincerely pray for a fellow music minister knowing how dangerous and sensitive our ministry is? The devil hasn’t forgotten that was his bit so why do we forget?! Are we not tired of being selfish and “clicky”?…. Does blowing out another’s candle light up yours?! Why do you wanna play god sometimes?! Do we have agape Love for our fellow music minister?! Have we been counting the number of fliers they appear on before we can respect the Call on any other music minister????! Do we judge more than we love?! Or do we hate and smile at one another??? Do we rejoice at the setback of a fellow minister??! Hmmmmmmm IT IS WELL!
Remember keyword here is: PRAYER OF INTERCESSION! I pray for you, you pray for me.
May the Master of our Call Jesus Christ be lifted up always in our ministry, AMEN 🙏.
Thanks for your time I love and celebrate you always ❤👊🏽 Sabina NaijaPastor.

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