A Must Read!!! Between The Holy Spirit And Google


In this days when everything has gone ‘E’, Google appears to be getting more attention than it deserves. When you have a question; all you need do is Google it! From soft furnishing, to house prospecting, to job searching, to relationship building, to office etiquette – answers abound!

Are you thinking about finding a mate, improving your relationship, getting married, getting pregnant, raising children, choosing the right school for your child or helping your ward out of a bad habit? It is Google to the rescue!

This piece was written by Motunrayo Famuyiwa-Alaka. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Kingdomboiz.com

Increasingly, Christians are searching the Internet for answers on having a buoyant prayer life, the fruit of the spirit, living a godly life and such like. Teachers of God’s word can even get a whole sermon booklet filled from Google searches. God forbid that we soon wake up in the morning and Google ‘what is God saying today?’

I discern that Christians (myself inclusive) are beginning to substitute the place of the Holy Spirit with the Internet. We are constantly falling into the trap of being ‘Google-led’.

So what? Is there something wrong with enriching one’s knowledge on issues through Google? Hardly so! What is dangerous though is depending on Google and other Internet sources on direction in the place of walking with God through the Holy Spirit.

Those who are led by the Spirit (not Google) are the sons of God. (Romans 8:14) Google and other search engines may have collections of facts but only the Bible offers the truth. Jesus Christ through the scriptures has directed that we depend on the Holy Spirit for teachings on Him – the way, the truth, the life . (John 16:13)

The Holy Spirit has the answer s on everything. Do you have a burden over career and work fulfilment? Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you on the way to go. Are you dealing with a habit that is making a mess of your life? Pray that the Spirit of God will teach you on the grace to say ‘NO’ and the strength to keep the flesh under.

Quit asking for answers on a child acting waywardly in all the wrong places; the Holy Spirit has answers according to the will of God to help turn a stony heart into flesh. Is your marriage threatening to fall apart and your spouse unreachable? Be encouraged. When Jesus promised to send a helper that will teach you all things, He had that too in mind.

The next time you have a question in your heart, take some time out to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the truth according to God’s will. You may still wish to check the Internet for facts on issues from time to time but the focus must be on your relationship with God the Holy Spirit.

If you turn to the Holy Spirit as quickly as you do Google and even more, you will get answers with the peace that comes from knowing you are in the will of God. That is definitely beyond the collection of possible answers the Internet may offer.

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