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I’m Tommy Tush and what you’re about to read is my personal opinion which you can accept or not.

As a result of what I do as a Music Director, Coach and Consultant I get complaints from artists and members of music team about how some rich or influential people or their church leadership doesn’t seem to value them because they don’t buy them the latest and best gadgets and equipments, don’t send them for trainings or appreciate them financially when they have needs. Some have even said they have concerts and the church doesn’t seem to support financially.

Okay..Caveat.. I am not representing some rich sponsors for Musicians or the church neither am I on the side of the Musicians or Music Teams. I’m in a neutral zone here. Also I know all churches are not the same and its possible some Musicians have sincerely been mistreated and unappreciated in some places. But this is not usually the case..And before we conclude let’s ask some questions we seldom ask.

By the way I’m an Artist, a music Director and I head a Choir, a church choir so I am in the system like you.

My question today is to Musicians, Artists, church music team members..

Before you complain how much have you yourself on your self? Didn’t you say you were “called” into Music? So why can’t “You” fulfill your calling and you keep giving others as an excuse why you are not fulfilling purpose?

Was your pastor there when you were called? So why can’t you invest in yourself by yourself? How much personal responsibility have you taken over your own ministry? How much have you spent to train yourself? Do you have your own personal instrument? What personal steps do you take on your own Ministry?

If you can’t source for #100k to pour into your gifts and skills, why should anyone do? You can’t starve yourself or delay gratification to save money to record your album or even single. Anytime you have a song, you start telling people to *sow* into your ministry. Haba?? Are they the ones that GOD called? Why are you angry with them that they didn’t *sow*? What If they have their needs and so can’t help you. What have you done for yourself?

You get some money and you go to buy a phone of #87k, buy designer shoes of #150k. Yet you’re asking for money to record a single? Or to buy a personal instrument to rehearse. Come close let me wash your head with pure water. *Gbo Mi Sir*.. You are not…I’m sorry. No abuses. I won’t cuss you out…

You make a hairstyle of #50k every month yet you’re asking someone to sponsor you to music school. Go and ask those who are successful. There are prices to be paid. You will have to delay pleasure. There will be time to slay, you will slay till you’re tired. But now its time to pay not slay. Leave swag for when you have succeeded. For now roll up your sleeves..

People readily help artists and choirs who take initiative. Before you go to meet your pastor about that need, make sure you’ve taken some steps as well. Why should they buy you that #2.5 million drum set? Can you play #2million Terabyte worth of percussion? If you can’t perform well as a choir with #90k drums, Yamaha S900 and that #80k bass what makes you think upgrading will suddenly make you play well?

My main point here is don’t have an entitlement mentality. As if someone owes you something. Take the bull by the horns. The same that rich man or that Pastor you always look up to was called like you or have a dream is the same way you have yours. They gave attention to theirs and have great results, why not give attention to yours.

Its OK for someone to support you but don’t’ always feel like they have to or that if they don’t something is wrong with them..

Some Musicians can’t even spend money to buy 5GB data to download songs or browse for materials online yet they are asking for help. My friend #whoYOUEpp

EPP yourself and EPP wee come to you…

Watch out for my next post on this.
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Your Music Coach
Tommy Tush
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