A True Life Story: “From Nobody To Somebody ” – How Frank Edwards Helped A Street Begger, Daniel (Photos)

Its A  great Privilege to be used by God as frank Edwards allowed God used him changing lives. The page of history books will never be enough to write about frank Edwards
The below content tells the story of a street beggar and how God used Gospel music artiste, frank Edward’s to change the life of the begger.

The story began when Kemi Ajumobi, An Emcee, was driving along admiralty way in Lekki and she saw a young chap trying to reach out to someone to beg and he was turned off…she felt strongly to turn back so she did and she said if God wanted her to see him again it would be easy and voila as she drove down a bit she saw him and this time it was with his friend. His name is Daniel and his friend’s name is Ibrahim.  Daniel stopped school in Jss1 and sincerely desires to go back to school.

To cut the story short.. 

At the end. The lady, kemi asked daniel 

who’s your favourite gospel artist

And he said frank Edwards.  And faithfully Frank Edward Got To See The Post & Requested Someone To Get The Boy To Him. He Said

​Somebody get me these boys let’s rain Miracles on them .. I have been there so I know exactly how it hurts to beg to survive , thank God for JESUS! thank God they chose the right role model .. their lives will never be the same!!! And he speaks so well he will defiantly do well in school !! and no boy  you will not live a normal life you will live an excellent life !!! @kemiajumobi thank you for taking out time to visit the streets 🙏🏾 If u can still find them pls bring them to me. Pls pls pls #miraclerain #miraclerain #miraclerain

Few Days Later Frank Edwards Decides To Meet The Young Street Beggar. Daniel. He said

Finally I’m meeting these boys tomorrow and  definitely they are going back to school @kemiajumobi thanks for arranging this meeting !! I’m exited !!

Glory To God. Finally He Meet Him..

& He Took The Boy To His House.He Then Said

And someone is enjoying his food   can u imagine that this boy been sleeping under the trailer for 2years 

He continued by saying….

Someone is looking like a super star already my clothes a bit big for him but I’m sure he will add up soon!! Thank you JESUS!!

This is what love for humanity is all about. GodBless Frank Edwards Immensely, life of a giver. Say A Word To Him By Dropping Your Comment Below

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16 thoughts on “A True Life Story: “From Nobody To Somebody ” – How Frank Edwards Helped A Street Begger, Daniel (Photos)

  1. Thank you Mr Frank for allowing God to use you to bring about changes not only in this boy’s life, but to the entire community, state and to the world. Because I’m sure, this is just the beginning of greater things to come. God’s blessings on your life will never cease. Thank you sir.

  2. anyway is all good, bt frank Edward that outrightly told me he can’t help me in my music career, bt I played saxophone for him several times in pH 2010 at salvation ministries when he was getting popular in his career.. forgetting that God that lifted him can leave us all.. he refused picking my calls.. gave him lots of my tracks bt he dump them all

    1. Jesus didn’t heal everybody that was present in his gathering bro. So stop taking it out on Frank like that.It probably wasn’t in his assignment to help you the way you wanted.

  3. Bro Bassey Duke
    Things like this can be very dampen when people you think are already in the limelight and can just do one or two things then off you go in to the limelight too,could not even give you attention talk-less of helping you out. people that should encourage us in the race for the kingdom to the glory of God but there reaction toward us seems they never wanted to. It can be so disheartening, but Bro be strong, let understand this people too – major percent among them can not even explain how they got there,things were just working for their good.(It’s God in work). I believe some wish to assist but they don’t want to lead one into corruptible blessing since that’s not what they get because what the flesh gives can’t last. I believe they didn’t help because it’s not the will of God for them to. Because according to what God had written concerning you, they are not the one to help you. So they won’t like to go against the will of God.
    Perhaps God’s will for you is that you should go through the water, fire,then He will bring you to the place of abundance without sharing the glory with nobody.

  4. He is looking like Frankie already.
    Thank you Sir Frankie for putting smile on his face and thank you again for lifting my heart with your songs.

  5. God bless @ Frankrichboy and every on of my people out there who are ln the process of been a blessing to their generation. says:


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