All Things You Want In Your Life Already Exist And Is Within You


Happy Sunday Fam!! in today post i want to share with you a secret that will destroy every impossibility mentality out of your life. Since the day i discover this secret everything has change in my life.

In Gen 1:3 God start creating the world and in Gen 2:1 show us that God finish everything man need to live a successful on earth. God does not wish any man to suffer for anything in this life but to enjoy it. But when Adam fell at the garden of Eden, man dominion, power and the good things that God created for man were lost. God send forth His only son to die for us so that mans dominion, power and everything God created for man will be restore back to man. And also for the barrier that was separating us from meeting God direct should be destroyed and man can now get whatever he want not by struggling for it but to follow principle to get them. The principles to get them is what I’m about showing you now.

As you can see everything you need in life already exist, the job, money, anything you want already exist. When Jesus said it is finished on the cross that means everything that man lost is restored and the sin that was separating us from God is destroyed forever. Your past, present and future sin has been forgiven you. So walk in that consciousness. That is the first step.
Since all things that we want already exist, how do I bring them to manifestation in our life. Below is the steps,

1. Write down what you want: the first thing to do is to know what you truly want, that is your desire. Your desire is something you cannot do without, something that is so dear to you. It could be to get marry, get a job, have enough money or travel abroad. So the first thing you do is to know what you truly want and write it down because everything you want Christ has already paid for them.

2. By your imagination: Your imagination is the most powerful thing in the universe. It draw anything to you. It does not have respect for any economic crisis or your family background. It can change your life within seconds without you knowing how it happen. With your imagination you can draw to yourself anything you desire in the world.

So how do you use your imagination.
i. Start with the end of your desire fulfilled in mind. That is see the end of your desire fulfilled in your imagination. For example let assume you want a job, in your imagination see yourself working in the job you want or if you want to travel, see yourself living in that country as if you are there.

II. Lie down on your bed or sit on a chair and close your eye and imagine yourself living in the end of your desire fulfilled. Let assume you need a job, see yourself working in the company you need work and see people congratulating you for your new job.

3. Affirm what you want: Since you know all things already exist, it is time to start speaking what you want. Start affirming it by saying it in the present like ” i am getting a job now, i want to start work now, i am travelling now. By affirmation you rise your consciousness to what you want. What you are conscious of is what will manifest in your life. So start affirming what you want in the present, speak it without doubt or fear. Keep saying it until you see it fulfilled.

4. Faith: Have faith in your imagination and the word you speak. Believe that you will get it as you have imagine and affirm. See the end always not the process of how to get it. Believe in yourself and in your God that will bring it to pass.
These are the ways to bring manifestation everything you want. All thing already exist in Jesus Christ, everything you want in life He is able to get it for sweatlessly. Just believe in accept Him and believe in Him and He will make you a wonder to your world. God didn’t create man to struggle for anything but to live life abundantly. So for you to have that abundant life and have a helper that help you to get what you want sweatlessly say this simple prayer
Lord God, i believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He is alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, i have eternal life, I’m born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul, i am now a Child of God. Amen
Keep soaring high.

Article by Damibest

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