Amazing!!! Pastor Sells ‘The Blood Of Jesus” In Plastic Bottles (Photo)


According to this unconfirmed report by Zambezi
Reporters, Malawi pastor and the founder of ECG
ministries, Prophet Shepherd ‘Major 1’ Bushiri is
allegedly selling ‘blood of Jesus” in plastic bottles.
Prophet Bushiri is one of the richest pastors in
Africa and had made news earlier this year when he acquired his third private jet in a space of two
years. Below is what the report alleged:

“The blood is being sold in 500ml and
750ml plastic bottles. One congregant who
confessed to be a loyal member of ECG
ministries revealed that the blood heals
every calamity and problems.

“We have been using anointing oil which is
called “The Lion of Judah” before and we
have been using anointed mantles,
bracelets and DVDs but this time the power
is released. Major 1 introduced “The Blood
of Jesus” which is real blood of Jesus which was extracted at Calvary when the Son of
God was crucified. As sons and daughters
of Major 1 we don’t really care what people
will say, we understand this revelation as a
ministry (ECG family), people are on the
move to drag our fathers name into disrepute but God elevated him to address
our problems. The blood of Jesus is being
sold at our worship center the smallest
bottles 500ml are costs R20 000 and the
750ml bottle costs R30 000. We don’t care
about the price but the results, as we are speaking the Blood of Jesus has
resurrected reported five people and
healed hundreds since launch.”

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