AWE Releases His First Official Album, ‘The Spark That Lit The Flame

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Incredibly uplifting and reflective, Birmingham based rapper AWE releases his first
official album, ‘The Spark That Lit The Flame’.

Composed of 10 eclectic tracks
that range from old-school infused hip-hop, to British rap inspired beats, this album
is a massively introspective and powerful collection of tracks. Using
intellectual wordplay, meaningful verses, infectious lullaby choruses and hard hitting
production, this standout body of work will introduce AWE’s listeners to the enlightened forecasted utopia of a master poetic visionary and light the way to your

Hailing from Birmingham, United Kingdom, AWE is a rapper, producer and songwriter, using his past experience and life lessons to craft his magnificent tracks and songs to form his album.Going through tough times, AWE wants to
inspire his listeners and uplift them through his clever songwriting. Inspired by Nas,
and his track ‘Book Of Rhymes‘, AWE has his project ready, and is eager to
change the world with ‘The Spark That Lit The Flame’Support AWE on

DOWNLOAD MP3: Power To The People

DOWNLOAD the Full Album On His Website


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: awethecosmos

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