Ayodele Opens Up To Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi Over Silence On Killings Of Christians


The Spiritual Leader of INRI Spiritual and
Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos,
Primate Elijah Ayodele, has condemned the
killing of Christians cross the country.
Ayodele, in an interview with newsmen on
Friday, also took a swipe at those he called “Big Pastors” for keeping quiet in the face of
unabated attacks against the Church.
Ayodele, while lamenting the recent attack on
Christians, said “They slit the throat of a
woman preaching in Abuja; they beheaded a
74-year-old woman in Kano; they nearly killed another poor carpenter for not observing fast;
they attacked a Church in the Niger for
holding a service on Friday, and so on.
“Nigeria is getting to the edge; no more
tolerance and we are moving on as if all is

“Last week, the Appeal Court ruled that hijab
can be worn to schools. The Sultan came out
and told Muslims that ‘if anybody does not
want you to practise Islam, you can fight’.
“I read it on your DAILY POST and was
shocked. I read it again. “The fact that nobody has come out to say the
Sultan did not say that means he was quoted

“Yet, I have not heard reactions from those
who ought to have spoken. I am not scared of
anybody, I will call names. “People like (Enoch) Adeboye, (David)
Oyedepo, (Folorunsho) Kumuyi, and other Big
Pastors that people believe so much are holier
than thou have kept quiet”.
Citing instances of contentious religious issues
in states, Primate Ayodele said: “Imagine what is happening in Osun State. The government
said female Muslims students can wear hijab to

“Somebody came out to say, ‘okay, Christians
too should wear white garment to school’. The
governor criticised him and so-called Christian leaders came out to say the governor is right.
“Also, this man in Kaduna, (Nasir) El-Rufai says
you must have license to preach or do public
religious activities.
“Only one man has been shouting…Apostle
Suleman. He has been the lone voice fighting against the government’s pronouncement.
Other influential Pastors have not uttered a

“Nobody is ready to bell the cat. May be they
are thinking that they will lose rich members
or their connections in power”. “Christians are being killed. People who
should be talking are just there looking. If
these killings lead to religious war, nobody
will stay. This country is playing with disaster”.
On the way forward, Primate Ayodele
advocated that all hands must be on deck to forestall religious crisis.

“Even though I am still watching him, the new
CAN president must take steps to put the
plight of Christians at the fore front,” he

“We must harmonize in this country. There must be equity and balance. We must respect
each other’s religion.

“A man like me is tolerant. I have Muslims who
come to my church that I assist. We should
stop all these signs of extremism.
“There is an inter-religious boy in place. We should do more to ensure peace exists
because that is the only way Nigeria can fully
attain its potential.”

Source: https://dailypost.ng

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