Barbra Streisand Comes For Donald Trump And Its Epic

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The entertainer who is a prominent supporter of
Hilary Clinton tore into the Republican presidential
nominee in a piece for Huffington post and she
pulled no punches. Responding to Trump’s jibe
that Hillary doesn’t look presidential, she called
him “a raccoon in a tanning bed with a flying squirrel on his head”, she also accused him of
“spreading and reflecting bigotry and hatred”
throughout America. Read the piece after the cut..

Barbra Streisand Comes For Donald Trump And Its Epic

When a politician ends almost every sentence with
“believe me”… don’t! He’s probably lying.
According to PolitiFact, Donald Trump’s statements
are rated “false,” “mostly false,” and “pants on
fire” 71 percent of the time. In other words, the
majority of the time that Trump speaks, he is not telling the truth.

But do the facts matter to Donald Trump or many
in the media who are too entertained to correct his
lies? We saw how Matt Lauer didn’t challenge him.
Chris Wallace, the Fox News personality who is
hosting one of the debates, has gone on record
saying that facts are not relevant to him. This should be profoundly unacceptable to the
American people. Our country and its stability is on
the line. Facts do matter!

When Trump throws around words like
“crooked,” he’s really describing himself and he
doesn’t even know it. In psychological terms, it’s
called “the disowned self.” Psychiatrists have
explained how a person who refuses to recognize
his own flaws will often project them onto other people.

As an article in The Washington Post recently said,
“Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling.”
This is a man who has bankrupted companies,
reneged on bank loans, and cheated small
business owners. For someone who claims to be a
champion of the people, his m.o. is actually to stiff the little guy. Trump is notorious for refusing to
pay painters, carpenters, plumbers and all sorts of
vendors the money he owes them. The contracts
he signed mean nothing to him. After the work is
done, he’ll offer pennies on the dollar and say, If
you don’t like it, sue me!… knowing full well that these mom-and-pop businesses don’t have the
resources to take him to court. Even so, he’s been
sued nearly 1,500 times over the last 30 years.

To those supporters who believe he’s a rich
businessman and think he’s going to make them
rich… get the facts straight. Investors in his failed
casino ventures lost 90 percent of their money
between 1995-2005. When the going gets tough,
Trump vanishes. He eventually filed for bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag.

And this man has the nerve to insult Hillary, who
has always cared about other people? From the
time she was in college, she’s been working to
improve the lives of others… women, children,
What has Donald Trump ever done to serve others?

He only cares about promoting himself.
While Trump was being investigated and then
sued by the Department of Justice for refusing to
rent apartments to black and Hispanic people…
Hillary was in Texas helping to register black and
Hispanic voters. While Donald had to be shamed into coming up
with the contribution he promised to veterans…
Hillary actually got legislation passed when she
was in the Senate to expand their health care and
other benefits.

While Donald has vowed to appoint Supreme
Court justices who will overturn the ruling on
marriage equality, Hillary declared that “gay rights
are human rights” when she was Secretary of
Trump is both spreading and reflecting bigotry and hatred. He said a judge was not capable of
doing his job because of his Mexican heritage.

One in five of his supporters believe slavery should
never have been abolished and 61 percent believe
President Obama wasn’t born in the United States.
For five years, Trump has wasted our time with his
crackpot birther conspiracy theory.  Only now he
has suddenly had a conversion, but he doesn’t even have the decency to apologize. And he has
the audacity to say Hillary started it all… another
outrageous lie. He sounds like a child on the
playground trying to escape punishment.

He’s basically a bully, but like all bullies, he’s a
coward at heart. He skipped out on a debate
because he didn’t like the moderator. He can’t
handle the tough questions. He’s so thin-skinned
that as soon as anyone challenges him, he sues

Hillary has been attacked right and left for decades
and is still standing.

She has negotiated with leaders around the world
to keep us safe from nuclear threat because it
would destroy the planet… while he shockingly
said, “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we
use them?”
And he has the nerve to call her “trigger-happy”? “Unstable”?

His ignorance is astounding.

So how come Hillary is not getting credit for all her
accomplishments? It goes back to something I’ve
felt for many years…strong women, powerful
women have always been suspect.

Some men are challenged by strong women…
afraid of them… and some women are jealous of
Strong women have too many opinions for some
people… they prefer women who are quiet. They
want us to speak less and smile more. After Hillary answered questions on national security, Reince
Priebus complained that she didn’t smile enough.
Well, guess what… there was nothing to smile
about. As she said, this is serious business.

And Trump says Hillary doesn’t look presidential?
What does that mean… coming from a guy who
looks like a raccoon in a tanning bed… with a
flying squirrel on his head? That’s what a
president is supposed to look like? A wrestler who
dies his hair blonde?

Republicans play dirty and their smear tactics
unfortunately work. As they say, “If you repeat a
lie long enough and loud enough, people will
believe it.” And that’s what’s happening and it’s
We can’t allow ourselves to be swiftboated again. We can’t let that happen to Hillary… a woman who
has the temperament and the experience to be
president… unlike Donald Trump, whose idea of
foreign policy was bringing the Miss Universe
pageant to Russia. How can you support a man
who says, “Women… you have to treat them like sh—“ and believes such hateful things about 51
percent of the American population?

These views are deplorable. Hillary Clinton was
right to denounce Trump’s racism, sexism and

And then he has the nerve to say he’s going to
make America great again??

Here are some more facts. The New York Times just
reported that household incomes rose for
American families by 5.2 percent last year,
according to figures from the Census Bureau… the
biggest one-year increase since 1967! Household
incomes are now higher than when President Obama entered office. The stock market is above
18,000, which means it has more than doubled
since Obama came into office.

If we want the country to continue to improve, we
must continue President Obama’s incredible policy
work, successful despite the worst opposition
we’ve ever seen in Congress, and vote for Hillary
Clinton — and down the ballot for Democratic
senators and congresspersons who will not be negative and obstructionist. Instead, they will
work with her to get legislation passed on gun
control and campaign finance reform. My heart
sinks when I read that billions of dollars have
already been spent during this Presidential
election cycle. Just think what that kind of money could have done for medical research… our
schools… our infrastructure.

We cannot allow America to fall into the hands of a
narcissist who has shown no regard for anyone
but himself… a bigoted and misogynist reality-TV
character with no political experience and no
qualms about lying loudly and often.

candidates. Only Hillary Clinton has the skills, the
knowledge, the temperament and the compassion
to lead this nation.

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