Benny Hinn Miraculously Removes Lump From Woman’s Purse


ALISO VIEJO, CA—According to several eyewitness
reports coming out of Benny Hinn’s “This Is Your
Day” revival event Tuesday, the faith healer and
televangelist performed yet another miraculous
healing, this time instantly and completely
removing a large growth from an attendee’s purse.

Hinn reportedly paused during the service, sensing
the Spirit’s call to interrupt his Bible-based teaching
to walk into the crowd and speak with a woman in
the third row.

“I sense… I sense you have swelling, somewhere…
somewhere in your—your purse? It’s your purse,
my dear lady, isn’t it?” Hinn intoned, squinting his
eyes as he drew on his powerful connection with
God’s Holy Spirit to help relieve this woman of her

The woman reportedly burst into tears, nodding,
“Yes, yes… yes I have a heavy burden. I have
a bulge in my purse, yes!”

“Praise the Lord!” she cried, as the faithful around
her raised their arms in worship.

Hinn led the woman to the stage and, according to
several credible sources, instantly found the spot
containing the lump, and miraculously eliminated it
in Jesus’ name. Though he has no medical training,
witnesses say he performed the highly technical
maneuver as though he’d been doing it for decades. The woman continued to sob, and
thanked Hinn for blessing her with his undeniable
anointing. Hinn then reportedly knocked her onto
the ground with his suit coat, to the glory of God.

According to Benny Hinn Ministries, Hinn will
perform an encore healing session in the city
sometime next month, where the man of
God promises to remove even more lumps from
wallets, purses, pockets, and bank accounts, once
he gets back from the Bahamas

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