Billy Graham: How To Deal With Someone Who Won’t Accept Responsibility For Their Actions


The best way to deal with someone who won’t
take responsibility for their actions is to
confront them and pray for them, the Rev. Billy
Graham advises for Christians who are seeking
conflict resolution.

Graham, a renowned evangelical pastor, wrote
in a recent post for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that although dealing with someone who won’t take responsibility for
their actions can be very frustrating, it is
important to continue communicating with
them and offering love and prayers for them.

The evangelical leader points to the story of
Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:1-13, where Adam
blames his sinful actions on Eve and God
instead of taking responsibility for them.

“It’s admittedly hard to help someone who
blames everyone else for their problems and
refuses to accept responsibility for what
they’ve done,” Graham writes.

The best way to deal with these types of people
is to confront them peacefully and “ask God to
give you an opportunity to confront your sister
about her need to take responsibility for her
decisions. Confront her gently and yet very
directly, letting her know how you and others see her. Let her know you care about her and
love her very much, and don’t get angry or let it
turn into an argument,” Graham writes, citing
Proverbs 15:31 which reads: “Whoever heeds
life-giving correction will be at home among
the wise.”

It’s also important to pray for the person
avoiding responsibility, Graham continues.

“Most of all, pray for [them]. Only God can
change [their] heart— and He will, as [they
turn] to Christ and seeks His will for [their] life,”
the evangelical leader writes. “God loves
[them], and He wants to help [them] confront
[their] problems. Urge [them] to open [their] life to Christ, and to turn to Him for the wisdom and
help [they need].”

Graham has spoken on the importance of
taking responsibility for one’s actions before,
writing in a previous blog post that Christians should be careful not to blame the devil for
sinful actions. While the devil can tempt
believers, ultimately it is people’s own fault if
we indulge in sin.

“We alone are responsible for our sins, and we
alone are responsible for the pain and
heartache they cause us. This is why we need
Christ, for only He can change our hearts and
give us the power to do what is right,” Graham
wrote in the previous post, referencing Philippians 4:13 which reads: “I can do
everything through him who gives me

We as Christians need “the moral and spiritual
strength to do what is right,” Graham
concludes, adding that while Satan may
convince people that they need sin, only God
can give us “the joy and peace [we seek].”

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