Bishop Marvin Sapp Shares How God Healed His Grief After The Loss Of His Wife

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Bishop Marvin Sapp opens up about the devastating loss of his wife to cancer and God’s help in healing his broken heart. Here he shares how God still comes to his rescue on the days his pain resurfaces:

Marvin admits that there are still days when he wakes up and his heart aches for his MaLinda. “When I find myself at the lowest point, that’s when I try to tap into God the most,” he shares. “People can be fickle, but you can depend on God in every situation. When I feel my grief well up in me or I feel overwhelmed or stressed or alone, that’s when I try to grab on to Him the most because I’m trying to make sure that I don’t lose my mind under the pressures of life. The truth is, God keeps me sane!”

One thing Marvin says he can’t begin to imagine is going through this kind of heartbreak without God by his side. “If I did not have a relationship that was established and strong in Him, there is no way I could have made it through,” he states.

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