Boko Haram Can’t Stop You – Nathaniel Bassey Passes Message To Nigerians


Nathaniel Bassey passes message to fellow nigerians on his facebook wall.. He says..


I’m convinced, this country is great. Nigeria. And I
say this not just because of the natural resources,
but more imoortantly because of her people.
How Nigerians manage to smile, laugh and
sometimes celebrate despite the myriad of issues is
beyond human understanding. We are a very unique people. Very few nations can stand what
we’ve been through.
Yet we laugh.
Get on Facebook and you’ll find countless videos of
Nigerians cracking their way out their pain with
humour and laughter.
No one can tell me otherwise, we are a great nation. What binds us together is stronger than that which
divides us.

Believe me, if I had the opportunity to choose the
green passport again, I would. God bless you
Nigeria. Boko haram can’t stop you. Corruption
can’t stop you. Dollar and crude oil plunge won’t either.

you will rise and shine again, in the name of Jesus
Christ our LORD.

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