Bride Runs Out Of Church After Discovering That Groom Is Not A Chevron Staff He Claimed To Be


Bride runs out of church after discovering that
groom is not a Chevron Staff he claimed to be. He
lied to her! This happened in Eket, Akwa Ibom

Who is to blame? The bride or the groom?

The truth is every guy just have to be real no
matter how small your career live is,its not your
fault after all everyone knows the economy is bad
and the rate of employment is high and s global
challenge.we are in the ara of management and
therefore should understand by assisting your man instead of expecting him to claim what he
isn’t just to win you.things aren’t gotten easy like
that these days and ladies should understand this

Accept his person if he has vision and not his
career status cos even if he have the job,its not
permanent and can loose it at any given time”.

Posted By Leonardo Monkey

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