BUZZ: 7 Best Types Of Christians Tattoos You May Not Know About


Is there such a thing as Christian tattoos? Well,
the subject is highly controversial. Still, there
are the 7 kinds of them presented here.

The Bible tells us that we should not make any
permanent images on our bodies. In the past, those
pictures or tattoos were used for pagan worship.
They were the satanic marks on their human
bodies. Presently tattoos have become very
fashionable. That’s why some Christians get them, too.

These seven kinds are the most popular:

1. Angels

The heavenly messengers provide an opportunity
to create beautiful images on the body. Artists
present them both in male and in female shapes.
They are very romantic, too.

2. Crosses

These can vary from very simple shapes to some
very intricate forms. People get them on their
hands, necks or arms and other places.

3. Jesus

Jesus on the cross is one of the most popular kinds
of Christian tattoos. However, it may look very
ungodly, especially of hot women do get the image
and show it by wearing some open outfits.

4. Scriptures

Some folks pick their favorite Bible verse and use
their bodies as the pages for it.

5. Praying hands

Other kind people fancy much. Two folded for
prayer hands and the Bible or the candle or the
sun. There are many different types of them.

6. “Holy” words

Such words as “love”, “hope” or “faith” are
common. Others tattoo abbreviations of Jesus
names, etc.

7. Symbols

From old times fish has been a symbol of
Christianity. There are many other religious symbols
one may use as a tattoo.

Many young people cannot resist the fashion and
are willing to follow it considering the Word of God
being outdated. The topic is highly controversial for
the believers.

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