Change Must Come From Top – Archbishop Akinfenwa

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The Archbishop of Ibadan Diocese, Most Rev.Joseph Akinfenwa, has said that if there must be a change in the country,it must come from the top.

Akinfenwa said this in a church service at the Cathedral of St. James The Great, – Bola, Ibadan, on Thursday to mark 2016/2017 legal year in Oyo State

In his sermon at the service, he commended President Muhammadu Buhari for offering the Presidential jet for sale .

Akinfenwa said, “let the changes we are talking of start from the top, in the midst of change, we all want to sell our asset, what will government do with the money”.

He said assets sold many years ago, what did they do with the money?
“if government really is to sell asset, the one in East, West and others, who will want to buy them and from what region of the country?

“Our problem in Nigeria is that as long as there will not be equity, fairness in the country, there is going to be a revolution,” Akinfenwa said.

He asked “what examples the Senators and members of House of Representatives are going to leave for us?”

Akinfenwa said senators with cases in court should not sit to make law for Nigerians.

“Senators with cases in court should step aside for the time being, and they should show samples of change by setting aside their salaries and allowances” he said.

He said the law is the cause of the common man, judiciary should not slow down on their work.

Akinfenwa said “the country is hard for the ordinary people this days, many cases of stealing gaari or pot of soup will be rampant because things are not easy for people”

“Judiciary should serve to bring peace, and judges should be determined to fight against corruption.” he said.

He implore judges to look at minor crime and used community service as punishment rather than imprisonment.

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