“Christ Embassy Members Worked Hard” – The Favoured Woman Backlashes Kenny Kore On His Recent Post


Nigerian Gospel Broadcaster/Blogger, Fola Folayan A.K.A The Favoured Woman (4LaH) reacts to Kenny Kore’s recent post on Facebook which stated thus:

“….over 20 years as a Gospel Artist, but I may need to join Christ Embassy now before I can hope to be Successful??? It’s a shame! That’s just what it is, a shame….”


Favoured Woman took to Instagram to respond to this….she said

This is what happens when Nigerian gospel music singers refuse to learn the basics of the music business and grow.
Majority of them depend on churches to validate their success.  As far as the Nigerian gospel artiste is concerned, if you’re not singing from church to church,  not getting called to sing at the experience, your posters not littering church billboards, you are not successful.
There is an appearance of success and there is success.  Christ Embassy singers have worked hard staying committed IN their church and the church rewards them for it. Their members are bred to be fanatically loyal to their own. They have the numbers advantage and they have a head pastor who is determined to make sure his products stand out. The interesting thing about their singers is that not all of them are that successful.  Only those sanctioned and validated by the supreme leader. That’s why they politic and scheme and plot and will bend over backwards to be called on the famous “global stage” so they can be in that elite club of Christ embassy all stars.
So rather than express this tirade of bitterness, someone please tell Kore to get down to business. Yes you write good songs we know. But it ain’t about the songs no more. Do you have an effective team?  What does your business structure look like?  Do you have a marketing and PR team to compete in Africa’s dynamic music business terrain?  Are you willing to be financially invested in your career or are you looking for cheap low budget solutions (like most gospel artistes do?) You don’t have the home crowd advantage like Christ embassy singers,  so does your team have a marketing and publicity plan?
What does your media relations look like?
Do you even see other markets for your music outside the church crowd?
I honestly told myself to stop caring about gospel or even non gospel artistes and their issues.  This is one of the reasons.
Tag all your favorite gospel artistes and Kore if he’s on instagram.


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