Churches Hardly Do Programs To Win Soles – “Sunny Steve Speaks”


Few minutes ago Member of infinity olori Oko “Steve Sunny”  posted on his facebook wall and says..


Churches hardly do programs to win soles these
days..its all about growing church numbers.But the
beautiful thing is Jesus knows his own people
serving him for real.

Do you agree with him?
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12 thoughts on “Churches Hardly Do Programs To Win Soles – “Sunny Steve Speaks”

  1. Wrong Word! The buttomline of every program in church is soul winning. We may not tag the program ‘soul winning ‘ but definitely souls are revived, refreshed and won into God’s kingdom. Only Heaven will tell you those who quietly gave their hearts to God in the place of worship and praise, testimony, and the Word!…it’s wrong for whoever to conclude such

    These days folks are ashamed of coming out to surrender to God but quietly they give their hearts to God without the knowledge of the Pastor’s

  2. Yes i agree,all they talk about is money money n money,the hardly open the book of Revelation,they jus wan to make people happy so that much members can come n give offering,,dis due to my observation……….Itality

  3. Yes! We have changed our focus to how many sitting capacity or the strength of his members determine the success of a Pastor. No where in the scripture did Jesus spoke about membership numbers or strength. All we need do is win souls for Christ and show them the way till Jesus comes. My thought *pensive*

  4. You shall neverrrrr die…..
    You shall own cars and mantions….
    Instead of preaching and encouraging the people to stay holy for God…..
    Thats all we hear now adays in our churches…

  5. It depends on the angle you view his statement. he is correct because look keenly into the society and you will see that yes churches are increasing in number but waywardness is still and increasingly on the increase. the focus of the church is seriously drifting from soul winning

  6. how pathetic go get a life.bro we win soles as you put it everyday thats why we grow bottom line if you dont win soles how you gonna get the numbers #dumppost

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