Congratulations!!! Joyce Meyer Celebrates 50 Years of Marriage With Husband Dave

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Joyce Meyer shared a beautiful picture on her Facebook with her husband Dave Meyer as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday.


Sometime last year, Joyce was part of a Love Your Spouse Facebook challenge in which she told of how much Love she had for her husband for seven consecutive days. in the first three days of the competition, she used characteristics such as Forgiveness, emotional stability, loyalty and faithfulness to qualify her Husband

On the first day of the competition, She told of how Dave, her husband was always so quick to forgive when she had done wrong towards him, how patient He is when whenever she is late, how He continues to tell her He loves her everyday, hugs he and even compliment how she looks or what she wears. “That was a great message.” He never forgets to tell her after every message she gives on pulpit. In every situation in life, there’s good things that people do and there’s things that you don’t like. And one of the ways that we can display love is by keeping a record of the good things and not keeping a record of the bad things. Love takes no account of the evil done to it. You know, we need to value other people. We need to be committed. Love is committed for the long haul.

On the Second day, She talked of how proud her husband was of her and how much of a real man he is because He isnt afraid or threatened of letting her be all she can be.

On the third day, She talked of how she would ask Dave, “Oh, isn’t so and so pretty?” And he’s like, “I don’t know. I don’t pay any attention to any women other than you.” She qualified him as being very faithful.

Dave is the vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and has worked in full-time ministry for nearly 30 years. Meyer has often said that without her husband’s wisdom and stewardship in finance and administration, Joyce Meyer Ministries wouldn’t be what it is today.

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