DaBoomsha Releases “Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape” Featuring Da’ T.R.U.T.H. (Free Download)


The highly anticipated Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape by
DaBoomsha is finally here!

This project is a fusion of Rap, R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz
and Boombap with production credits from the
likes of 9th Wonder and RisingSon (USA).

Rebel Muzik 2 commands an inpressive array of
features and cameos from Grammy Award Nominee
and Stellar Award Winner, Da Truth, Sokleva of the
Rooftop MCs, Tony Grammz, Provabz, BElect, RRHP,
and a host of others..

This is music for the bravehearted..the resolute and the undaunted.. Those who refuse to blend with
the crowd.. The misfits and the outsiders..This is
Rebel Muzik!..



DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Rebel Speech (ft. Da T.R.U.T.H.)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Shook Ones (ft. B-Elect)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Friend Zone (Ft Provabs, Dayve & Joel ProdiGee) 

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Hold Your Head (ft. Tony Grammz) 

DOWNLOAD Music:  DaBoomsha – Heart (Ft XL2Letters & Doktor  Santi)

DOWNLOAD Music: Daboomsha – Insomnia (ft. Gamie,  Debbie &  Iyke) 

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Holla Back (All Love On This  Side) 

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Rebel Child (Ft TheCykic)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Cheating 2.0 (Ft Gamie &  Sassy)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Tales By Moonlight (Ft Tiley  Kuti)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Boomsha Cypher (ft.  Pwaashino,Oj Wyte, Limoblaze, VonTrap,  Greatman, Leach & Ceejay)

DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Jane Doe (Ft Barbara Lynn)

See Rebel Muzik 2 Lyrics Here

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