Donald Trump Accuses President Obama Of Being The ‘Founder Of ISIS And Hillary Clinton, The Co-Founder’


Donald Trump on Wednesday, accused President
Barack Obama of founding the Islamic State of Iraq
and the Levant group, ISIS. The Republican
candidate emphasized the president’s full legal
name: Barack Hussein Obama, in the latest attack
on the White House campaign trail.

“In many respects, you know, they honour
President Obama,” Trump said during a
raucous campaign rally outside Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. “He is the founder of

He repeated the allegation three times.

“He’s the founder of ISIS, okay?” he added. “He’s
the founder. He founded ISIS.”

Trump has long blamed Obama and his former
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for pursuing
Middle East policies that created a power vacuum
in Iraq that was exploited by ISIL. He has sharply
criticised Obama for announcing that he would
pull US troops out of Iraq, a decision that many Obama critics say created the kind of instability in
which groups such as ISIL thrive.

“We should never have gotten out the way we got
out.” he added. “We unleashed terrible fury all
over the Middle East. Instead of allowing some
small forces behind to maybe just maybe, keep it
under control, we pulled it out.”

The New York businessman went on to criticise
Clinton, his Democratic party rival for the

“And I would say, the co-founder would be
crooked Hillary Clinton,” he said. Trump railed at
both Obama and Clinton for refusing to put a name
to radical Islamic terrorism.

“Our president refuses to use the term. Every time
another event happens, I keep saying, I wonder if
he’s gonna say it this time. And he doesn’t say it.
And Hillary won’t say it either. She doesn’t want to
say it cause she doesn’t want to offend the
president, because then bad things could happen to her if she offends the president. Bad things
could happen to her. So, she’s afraid to say it.
Hillary is afraid to say it. She did say that she would
say it because of me, but she’s afraid to say it. But,
we have a real problem with radical Islamic terror.
It’s what it is. It’s terror.”

Whipping his supporters into a frenzy, Trump
pointed out that the father of Orlando gunmen
was spotted at a Clinton campaign event on

“Of course he likes Clinton because she won’t say
the words radical Islamic terrorism,” said Trump.
“Wasn’t it terrible when the father of the animal
that killed the wonderful people in Orlando was
sitting with a smile on his face right behind Hillary

The White House refused to comment on Trump’s
latest claim. Trump has been criticised over the
past week for comments he made suggesting gun
rights advocates could stop Clinton from
becoming president and picking new, anti-gun
Supreme Court judges, by using their second amendment rights, which allow them to bear arms.

“Hillary wants to essentially abolish the Second
Amendment,” Trump told a rally in North Carolina.

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do
folks,” Trump said. “Although the Second
Amendment people – maybe there is, I don’t

Trump’s campaign spokesman later denied
allegations that the comments were advocating for
Clinton to be assassinated.

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