Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Release Detailed Medical Records

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Donald Trump this morning took to Twitter to ask
presidential rival Hillary Clinton to release her
‘detailed’ medical records saying he would also
release his own

Trump has for some time now tried to portray
Clinton as without sufficient stamina to serve as
president but a Clinton campaign spokes person
said Sunday night that Clinton “is the only
candidate in the race who has met the standard
expected of presidential candidates and provided a detailed medical letter by her long time

“Donald Trump has put forward a laughable letter
that omits basic health information including the
date of his exam, past medications, family medical
history, heart rate, respiratory rate, EKG, or
cholesterol level. Instead of continuing to push
discredited conspiracy theories, Donald Trump needs to produce a real doctor’s letter, written by
a credible doctor, that details the state of his health
for voters,” Glen Caplin said in a Clinton campaign
statement .

Clinton recently addressed the claims off ‘ill health’
when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show,
calling it “part of the wacky strategy”

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