Donald Trump Said He Is Not Sure Of Hillary Clinton’s Mental State: “I Don’t Think She’s All There”


Donald Trump as usual launched into an all-out
assault on Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in
New Hampshire last night, this time alleging that
she is mentally unfit to be president.

She short circuited, she used the term
‘short-circuited.’ She took a little short
circuit in the brain,” Trump said. “And she’s
got problems, I mean, if we had real people,
this would be a real problem for her, but I
think that the people of this country don’t want somebody that’s going to short circuit
up here.”

The billionaire business mogul continued to assert
that perhaps his Democratic rival was losing her

Honestly I don’t think she’s all there,” he
said, adding that she was “totally
unhinged,” using a word that former
Republican rival Jeb Bush, once used about

The Republican delivered his remarks in a hot high
school gym. One young woman was escorted out,
but Trump was undeterred.

It’s hot in here folks. But that’s OK. I
consider this like a sweat suit,” he said.
“Everybody tonight, we’ll lose on average
6.2 pounds, OK? Six– I don’t mind. You
know, it’s so hot in here, this room was not
designed for this many people. It’s so hot in here that I consider this to be like a
workout, right

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