Donald Trump To Call President Buhari, Zuma On Phone Today


According to NTA news, our dear president is scheduled to receive a phone call from president Donald Trump today. Since we know that our president is really MIA, who really is supposed to receive this important phone call. I would advice geoffery onyenma to call off this charade. Because if they believe they can use this scam to score cheap political points, then they are terribly mistaken.
Donald trump is very smart and does not care about political correctness. So expect him to use this phone call to continue his war against islam leaders. He will expose the truth.

US President Donald Trump will today
speak to President Muhammadu Buhari
of Nigeria and President Jacob Zuma of
South Africa. Trump is expected to call Buhari on
phone at 3:45pm [Lagos time]. Zuma’s
call will happen at 5:10pm [Lagos time]. President Buhari is currently on sick
leave. Will he be available to pick
President Trump’s phone call?

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