DONATE NOW: Soltune’s #OneChildOneNativeInitiative (Remember Every Child Is Your Child)

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Hello everyone:  My name is Soltune and you are
welcome to be a part of our
This fundraiser initiative was birthed by the holy
spirit and aim at
meeting a particular need of the indigent children of the inner city
mission school at every point in time.

Our primary objective here is to help sponsor
15,000 meals for the children
in the inner city mission school by raising $3,000 to
feed the school
children for the period of one month; that is, (2
meals per day) for just a month.

Please all donations can only be done on here>>

Children are the heritage of the Lord and we can’t
afford to watch them go
hungry. Support us and be a part of this working
initiative and as our man
of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome will always say
“Every Child is Your Child” God bless you.

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