Dont Fall Victim: Fake Adeboye Account Scams Money Off Pensioner (Photos)


Someone got scammed yesterday by a man claiming to be Daddy Adeboye
of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We  have
observed that a lot of these fraudsters are on social
media under the guise of prominent individuals
like Pa Adeboye.

Please Nigerians, let’s be a lot more careful in our
association with people, and our quest for miracles
or prayers especially on social media, as most of
these accounts are FAKE. Remember, we are ‘small
gods’. God can answer our prayers if we cry out to
him with our own little voice.

Our advice to all prominent individuals/Nigerians is
also that they get their social media accounts
verified, for many of us who might not know what
this means, it is a little tick beside a prominent
individuals’s profile on social media (Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter e..t.c) that validates the authenticity of a particular account. Once this
individual’s account has this tick, all other accounts
are considered FAKE.


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