“Dont Honor Your Pastor Than Your Husband”,- Gospel Ariste Passes Message To All Women


Nigerian Gospel Artiste, Femi Jubal Shares Interesting Topic On Women Disrespectng their husbands but give much respect to their pastors.. He said..

Nigerian women love, respect, and honor  their Pastors more than their husbands.

I can’t have a wife in my house and all she talks about is her Pastor.

She would have to move in to her Pastor’s house as his second wife, Walahi Talai!

He Continued On His Second.Post By Saying

It is the height of delusion to assume that because your Pastor speaks nicely of his wife on the pulpit, everything is alright at home.

It will shock you that you can not marry your pastor for one week, yet you place him above your husband because familiarity is breeding contempt.

Go and ask the Pastor’s wives who trust you enough and they will tell you the emotional pain and abuse they have to put up with and still cover up with a “Mummy in the Lord” face in Church just to protect the reputation of their self centered husband and the image of the Church.

There is no justification for loving, honoring and respecting your pastor while you deny your husband of such honor.



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