DOWNLOAD Mp3: Corban .C. Ibem – Canaan Land

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DOWNLOAD Mp3: Corban .C. Ibem - Canaan Land

Canaan Land is a song which Corban C. Ibem wrote as inspired by the LORD in 2009.
However it was released in late 2021 as one of the tracks in an album titled “Psalms from Eden-Phase 1”
Canaan Land seeks to encourage anyone who is expecting a better tomorrow not to get discouraged today.
The same GOD WHO faithfully took Israel from Egypt to Canaan will not fail them; no matter the challenge they are facing now.


Song Title and Lyrics

Canaan Land

I am crossing now to my Canaan Land. I am crossing now to my Canaan Land.
Pharoah can never never hold me bound.
Rod of Moses is now in my hand.
Power of GOD is now present with me.
Red Sea can never never hold me back.

I am leaving Egypt to my Canaan Land, where the Most High GOD has made for me.
I am leaving my chains and my bondages. It is over with my slavery.

I am matching closer to my Canaan Land. The land that flows with milk and honey.
Where riches and blessings are waiting for me. It is over with my poverty.

Angels will usher me to my Canaan Land. Pillars of cloud by the day for me.
Pillar of fire by the night to see me through. Oh glory I have victory.

There shall be no sorrow in my Canaan Land. Pains and disease will never be found there.
There shall be joyfulness, merriment, bliss and peace where JESUS reigns in majesty.

In Canaan Land I shall find my Eden there. Provisions and protections shall be mine.
Rivers of Living Waters all for my soul. This is Eden, land of peace, Canaan Land.

Canaan Land, the place of angels’ melody. Canaan Land where JESUS sits on the throne.
Land of Promise, speaking peace to my soul. Blessed Rest, Blessed Hope in glory.

Have you seen the glory in the Canaan Land? Can you hear the voice that calls to the Land?
Would you go this day and join the Band of Hope? Many are called, but only few shall be found.

Egypt is not my home. Pharoah is not my king. I’m not a slave, I am free, I am blessed.
I’m anointed, I am called to the throne. That is GOD’S promise and so I believe!

If you believe, you will get to your place of greatness in life.
If you believe, your condition will change for the best.
GOD has not forgotten you. HE is still very much interested in your life.
With HIM in the journey, you will certainly cross over to the other better and glorious side.
If you believe, you will see and receive your Canaan Land.
Come along, let’s cross over. The glory lies ahead. Hallelujah!

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