DOWNLOAD Mp3: Frank otas – Miracle God

Music has the power to transcend boundaries and touch the soul. Frank Otas, a name synonymous with heartfelt and uplifting music, has once again graced us with a new masterpiece. His latest song, ‘Miracle God,’ released on [insert date], is already making waves in the music world. With its profound lyrics and captivating melody, ‘Miracle God’ is more than just a song—it’s a testament to faith, hope, and the miraculous.”

Download & be blessed


Miracle God

I serve a very big God
I serve a very big God
He no dey ever fail
The supplier of our needs
I serve a miracle God

You are good
You are good
You are good
You no dey fail

Your blessings are plenty
Your goodness abound
What my eyes have not seen
None my ears have heard
Is what you have installed
There’s no lack
For the one who is in you
I work the work of faith
Cause your word lives inside of me
You’re a miracle God

You’re my savior
You’re my healer
My provider you’re good

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