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*Lion’s whelp*

I was already becoming a victim of my circumstances, it was like I have given up on my purpose and mandate already or on the process of giving up. Encouragement from David Oluwawefemi and Williams Richard were too feeble to change my mind from burying this so called talent, because I kept on seeing wolves at the other side of my dreams.

But on this very day, I was on the site all by myself and an invisible voice stronger than a mortal’s voice spoke thus into my spirit ears, “YOU MUST NOT BURY IT AND YOU MUST NOT DIE WITH”.

And in my curiosity I asked, what?! And He said, the glory of God in you. In a jiffy, I flashed back on my experiences while trying to chase this same dream, so I shouted in response, “but there is no way out”, And He said, there are many ways out. Remember you are a lion, you are not a prey, you are a predator.
Don’t be a victim of your circumstances, for your Father is the lion of the tribe of Judah.

And this Encounter changed my being, chased out fear in me and replaced it with new courage to face my fears and launch into the deep.

And just like the eagle, to gain new heights, I knew my old feathers needed to go off me. I moved out of my comfort zone, though that’s a story for another day.

Though it’s long story cut short. It’s my life story and I know many are on this same page too.

Just listen to the song *”Lion’s whelp”* and get back to your feet and say NO to your defeats.


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