DOWNLOAD Mp3: Jeph Manuel – Blessed is The Lamb Of God

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DOWNLOAD Mp3: Jeph Manuel - Blessed is The Lamb Of God

Jephthah Nwosu (born 25 March), better known by his art name, Jeph Manuel, is a gospel actor, preacher, entrepreneur, song writer and singer.
Hails from Isiala Mbano LGA, Imo state, Nigeria.

His first debut single was released in May, 2021 titled Come Unto Me.
He’s passionate about God’s work and His people and this has translated into many areas of ministry for him both in acting, singing and preaching God’s word.

The song, “Blessed Be The Lamb Of God” is his second single release.
The inspiration behind this song is to present JESUS CHRIST as man’s ONLY HOPE FOR SALVATION.
Him as the perfect sacrifice for the atonement for our sin.
The hope we have in his return to take us, those who are saved to the Promise Land.

Jeph Manuel believes God can use any medium to translate his heart beat to us, and Song is one of the major. He trusts that as the Lord continues to inspire him, he’d faithfully serve as his messenger to bring forth his message to his people.

Download & be Blessed.


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