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John Granddeal popularly known as John Nwachukwu is a Nigerian-born, business mogul with a strong passion for music. This passion has been active since his young days of listening to Hip-Hop and rap songs. His passion for this kind of music has spurred him to create his debut single ‘Arise & Shine’ 

This composition serves as an anthem of hope, explicitly named so for its inherent purpose. It is a powerful melody designed to uplift individuals grappling with depression, regret, and diminished self-esteem. At its core, it underscores the profound significance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, emphasising His dominion and enduring victory for us His children. By His redeeming blood, we are wholly free and our sins are rendered inconsequential 

The genesis of this song lies in a divine revelation, a gift from the Holy Spirit. Personally, having weathered personal moments of despair and stagnation, John drew inspiration from a scriptural revelation (Isaiah 60:1) received in a dream. Although initially unplanned to make a song out of it, one day a spontaneous outpouring of melodies emerged within me, leading to its creation.

The song also sheds light on the vulnerability of the human mind during times of adversity. It underscores that when individuals are at their lowest, the enemy exploits this fragility by insinuating destructive, deceptive thoughts. This insidious influence may appear benign, but its ultimate intent is evil, aligning with the adversary’s mission to steal, kill, and destroy.

The song extends a resounding message to those who may be hesitant to pursue their life’s purpose, besieged by feelings of inadequacy and persistent oppression. It assures that they possess the divine grace to overcome any opposing forces and challenges. It serves as a clarion call, reminding individuals that the Lord is with them, urging them to rise and shine, for their time has come.

Arise & Shine was produced by Favor Adedokun Ooreoluwa and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Paul-Emmanuel Ossom and can be streamed here.


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